How we score watches

How we score watches?

The Challenges of Product Selection

If you haven’t already noticed, we do watch reviews differently at Finding a new watch, or a timepiece is exceedingly difficult because of the marketing gimmicks, lack of independent resources, and widespread options (now both in-store and online). But, the biggest issue is that a night’s rest is extremely difficult to understand even for the buyer. Do I need a digital watch or an analog watch? Which one will look good? These are difficult dilemmas for us to watch shoppers and it isn’t getting any easier.

How is Different

There are a bunch of independent watches sites, watches reviewers, and bloggers out there, and we love what they do. They do in-depth watch reviews and discuss the ins and outs of their functionality. This is great and a perfect first step to getting a handle on what the newest watch is. But the issue is that they have their own bodies and opinions. Rather than create just another site with another point of view, we built a site that aggregates 10,000s of watches reviews, product reviews, and independent scores on the net. With this wealth of data, we created weighted scores on over 100 different buyer dimensions.

Why This is Better

When it comes to wristwatches specifically, each of our categories and top lists of watches is entirely customized and validated for a given dimension. You’ll often see the top watches come up again and again, but for more specific needs or functionality, you might find something brand new.

What we’ve learned across all of the products reviewed is that although individual shopping experiences and buying requirements are unique, listening to customers and analyzing their feedback is the best way we can help our readers.

How Works For You

BestReviews.Watch is reader-supported. Our mission is to help you find the best wristwatch or timepiece for the unique you. Rather than put layers of ad units on your screens, we’ve opted to focus on clean, sleek user experience. However, we have many costs — from server costs, reviewer outreach, and writers.

How can you help support us: We make money when you use this site and purchase products through the links that we provide on our review pages and top lists. We don’t have relationships with all of the watches brands yet, but we are hopeful that we have the most soon.