How Does A SmartWatch Work?

how smartwatch works

Apparently Smartwatches are not only going to be the next evolution of technology, but also a vision to a future where you will be surrounded with interconnected technology all times.

Smartwatches do not enjoy the popularity like smartphones, more and more users are trying these smart wearables to replace the smartphone but still, there are many uses that of a phone that a smartwatch cannot fulfill.

Many smartwatches, Like Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4, can work independently without a phone, but most watches are designed as companion devices. How do you make a decision about which is the best for your needs and budget?

There stands a question for all of us who are thinking of buying a smartwatch in 2020. How does a smartwatch works and what all we can do with it?

So, in this blog, we have tried to cover everything about how a smartwatch work and special benefits that you must consider before buying a digital watch.

Introduction To The Smartwatches

A smartwatch is a smart portable gadget that you wear on your wrist.

Smartwatches have the potentials of doing a lot more things than you think. All the companies are trying to launch new fitness trackers and smartwatches that can easily replace the smartphone and cover the huge market share.

Smartwatches or fitness trackers can help save you time and keep a better check on your health.

It tells time, measures steps, calorie consumption and also monitors the heart rate; It allows you to see the notifications like mail, WhatsApp, Facebook ect.that arrive on the phone.

It also notifies incoming calls and serves, at the same time, to control the music of the smartphone. You can follow map directions In the ‘smartwatch’ and works as hands-free. It allows you to make voice calls and has a data connection independent of the smartphone.

You can run multiple apps and play all kinds of audio tracks and radio streamed to Bluetooth headphones. These watches also come with a touchscreens interface, which allows you to access functions like a calculator, thermometer, compass and more.

Digital Watches can also serve as an aid for patients with a disease (monitoring of vital signs, reminders, etc.). And there are those who see these watches as an alternative to the mobile wallet or as an authentication method (to open doors, for example).

There are many different types of digital watches to suits all the needs of the user; therefore, the functions differ from one smartwatch to another.

In this guide, I will discuss the most common features of these smart gadgets. In the end, I will give you an overview of the features that you can be found in any smartwatches.

Common Features That Every Smartwatch Should Have

Notifications: A smartwatch can receive notifications, such as calls received, text messages, emails or notifications from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others. Usually, a vibration of the smartwatch identifies the receipt of a notification, which can be viewed via a swipe on the screen or through the use of physical buttons.

Apps: many apps can run directly from the smartwatch. you can download all the apps directly from your smartwatch If you have a smartwatch with Android Wear or WatchOS. Smartwatches can also have pre-installed apps for workouts that can be started via special interactions, such as a dedicated button dedicated to them. These watches also come with a touchscreens interface, which allows you to access functions like a calculator, thermometer, compass and more.

Media management: Digital Smartwatches can manage media playback for you while it is connected with the phone. You can run multiple apps and play all kinds of audio tracks and radio streamed to Bluetooth headphones.

Answer messages by voice: Modern world Watches running either the watchOS or Wear OS operating systems that support voice dictation. It allows you to make voice calls and has a data connection independent of the smartphone.

Fitness tracking: pedometer, heart rate monitoring and GPS are very useful tools for sports and fitness.

GPS: With GPS you can always track the distance that you cove in a day and it also helps you find your lost phone. You can ring your smartphone with the help of your watch and find it anytime.

Good battery life: Digital smartwatches comes with long-life batteries that stay with you through the day, with normal use, with a bit of juice still left to go. Battery use varies; the Apple Watch typically gets 18 hours of normal use on a single charge, while the Pebble gets two or three days.

How These SmartWatch Works?

Smartwatches works on their own operating system and it also depends upon the compatibility with smartphones. So, Device compatibility is very important before choosing a smartwatch because most smartwatches are designed to serve as companions to your smartphone.

Types of Operating System Used With Smartwatches

There are two types of operating systems generally used in a smartwatch, that is Android wear and Watch Os. So let’s know how these operating systems are different and meet the requirement of users in different ways.

Android Wear: Google’s Wear OS smartwatch operating system runs on watches from LG, Huawei, and others and works with Android 4.3 and higher smartphones. Google makes it easy to check whether your smartphone is compatible: just visit from your smartphone browser. Some Wear OS watches will work with the iPhone, but many features (such as adding apps and connecting the watch directly to Wi-Fi) aren’t available when the watch is linked to iOS devices.

WatchOS: It is the operating system installed on Apple Watch devices. The Apple Watch only works with the iPhone. The preinstalled Apple Watch app for the iPhone is where you’ll find the watchOS App Store. There, you can install the watch versions of your favorite iOS apps or find new ones: The store features everything from games to fitness-tracking apps to extensions of your most-used productivity apps so you can get Slack notifications or see Trello cards. So, if you have an iPhone, the perfect choice for you is an Apple Watch, as the wearable guarantee full compatibility of all features.

Other operating systems: Some smartwatches come with a preinstalled operating system inside them, different from Android Wear (or its derivative) and WatchOS. So, Samsung has decided to equip its wearable devices with an operating system different from those just mentioned. In this specific case, I’m talking about TizenOS, which has full compatibility with Samsung devices but has limited functionality with other Android devices or those that mount iOS.

Is It Possible to Replace SmartWatch With SmartPhone?

It can be a topic of debate after looking at the advanced and upgraded functions of smartwatches, Now it is easier to wear an all-in-one watch around your wrist instead of carrying a bulky phone in your pocket. With a smartwatch, you can easily eliminate the risk of leaving your smartphone in a cab or breaking the fragile glass.

The phenomenon of smartwatches gains more followers every year. Each new generation exceeds the previous one. The best smartwatches of the moment offer multiple functions, both for those who like healthy and active life and for those who, without wearing that style, do not want to be forced to permanently carry a smartphone on their wrist.

But still, there are many drawbacks of using a smartwatch as the replacement of smartphones. Smartwatches run with a connection to a smartphone (or some other web-connected device) to perform most of the important tasks.

Most of smartphone user does not want to pay extra money for a device that is nothing more than a companion to their already expensive smartphone. So, these watches can work as a companion with a smartphone but not individually.

smartwatch batteries is another issue so far. It does not last long and you need to charge them on a frequent basis. You can say that smartphones also have this issue. Yes, it is true but people buy a smartwatch for its health or sleep tracker functions, battery problems will be the big restraint to meet that purpose.

Moreover, it’s not ideal that the watch dies frequently, specially When you wear a watch for its timekeeping capabilities.

Price is another issue in replacing smartphones with smartwatch: The average price has gone done in few years, but the cost can still be fairly high when we buy the watch as a companion piece to an already expensive gadget.

You are likely to get what you pay for while buying a smartwatch. Unlike traditional watches, smartwatches do drop in price with the release of each new iteration (like smartphones), so if having the absolute newest tech isn’t a priority, a quality smartwatch can be found in the low hundreds.

Another issue is Size: Some users might dislike the larger size of the smartphones, But the reality is that bigger screens are more appealing for most of the buyers in the market, especially for the users who watch videos or take photographs. The smartwatch interface is necessarily small in comparison and doesn’t have the chances to expand further.

What Special Benefits Do smartwatches have?

Design and Personalization

Best smartwatches offer a choice of straps and/or the ability to swap them out for a third-party option. This is important if you want to personalize the look of your device.

Most smartwatches today offer enough customization options before purchase. For instance, you can pick the band color and material, as well as face color, finish, and size for such watches as the Moto 360 and the Apple Watch.

Newer Smartwatches are getting slimmer and smaller. Most of them are sporting round faces now, making them look more like traditional timepieces.

Traditional watchmakers are also trying to compete with the Android Wear devices that combine the style of an analog watch with the smarts of Google’s watch operating system. Movado, Tag Heuer, Emporio Armani and even Louis Vuitton have jumped on board the smartwatch bandwagon with fashion-forward devices (and price tags to match).


At the beginning we mentioned that smartwatches are accessories that complement the functionality of your mobile phone, however, there are standalone models, which include a slot to insert the sim card and function independently as a phone on your wrist without synchronizing with another device. With this type of equipment, things are simplified a little more because you will only depend on your smartwatch where you will have your contacts, messaging, access to social networks and calls on a single device.


Most of the smartwatch available in the market work as an extension of your smartphone where you will receive text message notifications, WhatsApp, incoming calls, social network updates and much more. That is why it is very important to verify that the smartwatch chosen is compatible with your mobile phone and the operating system it uses.

When making a comparison of smartwatches you will notice that there are compatible models with both different Android versions and IOS to offer versatility to the customer. We reiterate, it is important that the phone and the smartwatch are compatible so that they can synchronize correctly, otherwise, it will only serve you to see the time.

Built-in Speaker and Microphone?

The loudspeaker and microphone are important elements if you want to answer calls and even use your voice to handle your smartwatch, taking advantage of it regardless of your phone.

To do this, you only need to activate your assistant just like you do with your smartphone: by saying “OK Google” for Google’s assistant and “Hey Siri” for Apple’s.

On the other hand, if using the speaker makes you feel that you lose privacy, many of the smartwatches allow you to connect headphones via Bluetooth. So you can continue to enjoy the freedom that the clock gives you and the privacy of your conversations.

NFC connectivity

We leave for the last place the type of connectivity that has appeared more recently: the NFC chip, which allows mobile payments to be made through your smartwatch.

Have you tried the advantages of paying directly with your phone without having to have cash or cards? Well, imagine that comfort in your wrist. The NFC allows you to pay simply by bringing your watch to the POS of any store, which will give you the possibility of leaving home without cash, without cards and also without a mobile phone.

It is a function that is beginning to be present in some smartphones and that is marking a clear trend. Although you must verify that this type of payment is compatible with your bank, it is not always.

So, now that you know about all the features of a smartwatch, you can easily decide what works best for you under the budget that you are looking to spend.

Are smartwatches worth Spending Money?

if you looking for a fitness tracker that can help you stay fit and or an accessory that can help you get the notification without using the phone. We would suggest you go for a smartwatch. But do not buy this if you are looking for a smartphone substitute.

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